Review: Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger at Comfort Dental, 10/1/11

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Journey 2011-42.jpg
Eric Gruneisen
Journey last night. More Journey in Denver photos.
Night Ranger, Foreigner and Journey? And all together? Hellz yeah they were! Last night, these three "ready to rock" bands appeared at the Comfort Dental Amphitheatre and reminded us all just how awesome their music still is.

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Eric Gruneisen
Night Ranger last night. More Night Ranger in Denver photos.
The smell of hairspray and leather pants was in the air, and even if their audience's hair was more gray than not, Night Ranger still came ready to party. Its opening number "Lay It On Me" got the already-stirring crowd riled up. The teeny-tiny lead singer and the rest of the band were definitely still living in the '80s, with their shaggy dos and tongue flicking antics, but they put on a solid rock show. And the band didn't stray from its hits, including "Sing Me Away," "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" and their signature "Sister Christian."

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Eric Gruneisen
Foreigner last night. More Foreigner in Denver photos.
The anticipation for Foreigner could be felt in the crowd as Night Ranger exited the stage after the patriotic performance of "(You Can Still) Rock In America." Seriously. Equipped with matching American flag guitars.

Foreigner was absolutely no let down. They opened with "Double Vision" to get the crowd psyched and then lead right in to "Head Games." This band could do no wrong. Even when Kelly Hansen, lead singer, stumbled and fell into the crowd, the audience continued to cheer him on right into "Waiting For a Girl Like You."

Photos: Journey, Night Ranger and Foreigner in Denver

If you were expecting the typical '80s pyrotechnics, this was definitely not the show for you (there were more fireworks in the Taylor Swift show earlier this week), but even the cheesy '80s 8-bit animation that played behind the band's classic "Jukebox Hero" seemed to get the crowd excited. We've never seen so many drunken, middle-aged women thrusting their pelvises to a song more than "Hot Blooded," and the eternal awesomeness that is "I Want to Know What Love Is" had everyone crooning along. Kudos, Foreigner. Well done.

By the time Journey took the stage, some of the audience had already left to pay babysitters...but more the fools, they. Because Journey rocked it hard. Fine, it sort of sucks that there was no Steve Perry, but that disappointment quickly drifted away once Arnel Pineda, in his wicked tight white jeans, took the stage and performed "Separate Ways."

Journey 2011-47.jpg
Eric Gruneisen
Journey last night. More Journey in Denver photos.
We even forgive Pineda for sporting a Tebow jersey through a couple songs -- but really, leave the sports-politics out of it. With the exception of one new song, Journey sang most of its standards: "Wheel in The Sky," "Who's Crying Now," "Open Arms," "Lights," and
"Faithfully." And, of course, they closed the show with fan-favorite "Don't Stop Believing." which has to have one of the best, most recognized openings in the history of rock-and-roll and karaoke bars all over the world.

It was a rowdy, fun concert that even people who didn't know who in the hell these bands were would've enjoyed.

Photos: Journey, Night Ranger and Foreigner in Denver

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Hellz yeah ?

Sports politics ?

Who writes " Hellz yeah " ? Besides pre-teens in texts ? it is not ironic or funny or whatever you think it may be. It's childish drivel. 

Sports politics ? Perhaps if you did some research on your piece before your deadline you would have learned that Pineda is from the Phillipenes and Tebow has done missionary work down there; ergo the jersey.

You are honestly the worst writer the Westword has.


I was at this concert, wow - was this reviewer drunk too?Night Ranger totally rocked the place, best band of the night.  Foreigner has been reduced to a cover band, even the last original member, Mick Jones, was a no-show for this concert.When Journey hit the stage, Arnel decided he wanted to sing several of the songs the way HE wanted to, not the way they were written.  Extending notes the way some choose to do when they sing the National Anthem.  These are classics and you don't mess with classics.  Even portions of the crowd boo'd when he consistently altered the way he sang them.Was it fun?  Sure...but I was still amazed at the amount of 40 & 50 somethings who still insist on getting high at a rock show.  No security to speak of, not even an usher except at the point of separation between general admission (lawn) seating and the assigned seats.The quality of Night Ranger's voice was exceptional, Foreigner sounded really good, but it's not them, and Journey...Steve Perry isn't coming back, Steve Augeri was a solid replacement, John Scott Soto was horrible...Arnel is an improvement over him, but that's not saying much.  He can hit the notes, but his tone is different and it seems his popularity has begun to take over and he's becoming full of himself.  Thanks for the 70's & 80's Journey - it was awesome, but as Journey sings "The Party is over....".


FYI regarding Pineda for sporting a Tebow jersey, it wasn't to disrespect or ignore that "other" Bronco's QB, let alone sports-politics, but if you know any background of Tebow (which perhaps is limited), you would know that Tebow had lived for a few years in the Phillipines with his family. Pilipinos, like Pineda himself, know this and always try to show respect and appreciation as fans for Tebow.


is it u always attend journey concerts? coz i read ur same comment in other concert of journey. just asking.. thanks if u will reply

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