Photos: Sonic Blossom at Cervantes, 10/14/11, Night One

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Photo by Britt Chester
Sonic Bloom and Cervantes presented the first night of Sonic Blossom. Hosting more than a dozen musicians, live painters, performers and fire dancers in the full venue, Sonic Blossom held true to its roots and transformed a regular Saturday night into a culturally educating experience. Photos from the first of the two-night, hope-to-be annual celebration are below.

Photo by Britt Chester
Outside the venue is always full of smokers, talkers and friends meeting. A show like Sonic Blossom will always draw local talent. We caught Michal Menert walking through the crowd, Jay Jaramillo enjoying Octopus Nebula, and Zack Karuzas making the rounds.

Photo by Britt Chester
A massage chair set outside of the venue was available for anyone looking to get a good rub down before the show. Donations were accepted, but not required.

Photo by Britt Chester
With prints available, this vendor displayed a light-up board art installation. The work is intricate, delicate with every detail in regard to the entire image that completes a particular meaning. It is work like this that is often seen at Cervantes being painted live, or in this case, simply on display for purchase.

Photo by Britt Chester
Fire dancers and hula-hoops, a common sight at electronic shows nowadays, entertained guests for a portion of the evening. The aerials were to come later, but the fire poi is always a spectacular performance.

Photo by Britt Chester
Robin Bloch of Octopus Nebula gears up during a song, live syncing audio through his laptop to coincide with the live performace. Octopus Nebula also played the main stage at Sonic Bloom this past summer, so an appearance at Sonic Blossom was not only expected, but eagerly awaited by the full venue.

Photo by Britt Chester
Local artist Michael Garfield announced via Facebook that Sonic Blossom would be his final live painting performance in Colorado. This is sure to disappoint his local fans, but Garfield will undoubtedly move on towards progressing his work. (Garfield designed and produced the cover art for Project Aspect's "Put This World On Hold" album).

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Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

2637 Welton St., Denver, CO

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