Help send Wheelchair Sports Camp to CMJ

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Update (10/11/11): With eight hours left to go, Wheelchair Sports Camp has reached its $1,200 goal with the graciousness of 47 people who pitched in to help. Brace yourself, NYC: Here come Heffernan and company.

Original item (10/6/11, 8 a.m.): This year's CMJ Music Marathon is less than two weeks away, and Wheelchair Sports Camp is one of several Denver-based acts planning to make the trek -- "planning" being the key word here. The outfit, led by Kalyn Heffernan, has landed an invitation to perform, but it needs a little help getting to NYC. If you're feeling generous, the band has set up a Kickstarter page and could use your help. With five days to go, the act is about halfway to its goal.

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