3 Kings Tavern co-owner Jim Norris on the road to recovery after hospitalization for spider bite

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Update (11/22/11): The good news is our pal Jim Norris is back on the mend. The bad news is that his recent hospital stay has left him with a stack of bills. With that in mind, a number of friends are rallying to support the good Rev with a number of benefits. The first one is slated for December 8 at Rockbar, with acoustic performances and a silent auction. The other series of shows are tied to the This Ain't No Cowtown Vol. 3 residency and release at 3 Kings on Thursday, January 12, 19 and 26. Proceeds from the show and the comp go to Jim. Keep an eye out for more details.

Original Item (11/7/11): Everything's coming up aces today in the Mile High City: The Broncos crushed the Raiders in their own house, Radiohead's coming to 1STBANK Center in March, and we've just received word that our pal Jim Norris, an avid booster of local music, is getting back to good after being hospitalized for the past week. Dude gave us quite a scare when we spoke with him last week on what was then the fourth day of a wicked fever, the result of a brown recluse bite that eventually landed the 3 Kings Tavern co-owner in the hospital. Godspeed, Rev. Glad you're back, buddy!

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