Atmosphere at Red Rocks... in January? Rusko at Snowball in March? That's what we hear...

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Red Rocks, end of January,Atmosphere, Greives, Yelawolf and Z-Trip? That's what we're hearing. We know: The prospect of seeing a show at Red Rocks in January seems, well, frosty, about as plausible as, say, seeing an NFL quarterback who cannot throw leading his team to W after W... Wait, what? Uh, never mind. Stranger stuff has happened in this town. We'll let you know if this rumor turns out to be true. Oh, and if you haven't heard yet, Rusko is at Snowball. We're also hearing rumblings of another, er, Big Snowball announcement involving a certain rapper...

Aaron Thackeray
Performing in the elements at Red Rocks isn't something new for Atmosphere, but you can bet that Slug probably won't be wearing shorts this time around.

Aaron Thackeray

Aaron Thackeray
Ant of Atmosphere at Red Rocks this past summer

Aaron Thackeray
Grieves at Red Rocks last summer with Atmosphere

Aaron Thackeray
Yelawolf at last summer's Warped Tour

Aaron Thackeray
Yelawolf at last summer's Warped Tour

Britt Chester
The scene at last year's Snowball Music Festival, which featured Diplo and Pretty Lights on night one and Savoy and Bassnectar on night two

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