Reader: The Dillinger Escape Plan's antics were more memorable than the music

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How important in stage presence in terms of how much impact a show has on you? Depends who you ask. While our reviewer was struck by the energetic set turned in by the Dillinger Escape Plan at the Ogden and less moved by Mastodon, Ian, who posted our comment of the day, thought Dillinger put more emphasis on movement than the music, and thus came across as artificial in every way:


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Peter Black
Peter Black

Mastdon killed the show. Really took me back to when Heavy music like this dominated. The mix was incredible and the drums blew my away literally. I don't claim to be the king of knowledge on all these new bands etc. which might make it all the better because I can listen without opinion. I didn't walk out of the show 5 songs into the set from boredom which is pretty typical behavior for me.

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