Local edition of Electric Daisy Carnival not happening in 2012 according to Insomniac CEO

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Brandon Marshall
A scene from this past summer's Electric Daisy Carnival at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds
In a report filed earlier this morning by Charlie Amter at the Hollywood Reporter focusing on the mainstream explosion of electronic music in this country, Insomniac president and CEO Pasquale Rotella revealed that the local edition of Electric Daisy Carnival won't be happening next year. "We couldn't gross enough [there] to support people's expectations," Rotella tells Amter, pointing out that even as the franchise has plans to expand into other markets on the East Coast and in Brazil next year (sixteen festivals are reportedly slated for 2012), our city will not be one of those hosting the event. Considering the undeniable dance-friendly domination of the Denver scene, this seems like an odd decision on Insomniac's part.

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I've been going to edc for years now. Now that I hear edc is not coming to denver is wack. Denver is a huge scene for the fellow community... just utter unbeleivence of this


This is the only rave I go to anymore =...( why? I love EDC Denver and was looking foward to 2012 since the end of last years... this saddens me!


gay! please come to Denver EDC!!!!


To not come to Colorado will be a big mistake peolple here love this scene. And have been supporting it for sence 2008.

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