Necropolis Alert/Goreteks EP released today

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Necropolis 500.jpg
We know and love Alert as one of the premiere dubstep producers in Denver; his eerie, horror-film-inspired sound is dubstep at its finest. But we also love it when he breaks into drum-and-bass to mix things up, which is what he does on Necropolis, an EP on the Oblivion Fringe label that also features tracks and remixes from Goreteks (aka DJs Baloo and Strode). And we're offering four tracks for download so you can hear for yourself what dark, dirty drum-and-bass should sound like.

To stream, follow the links; to save to your computer, right-click the links and choose "save as."

"Tavernous" - Goreteks

"Necropolitan" - Alert

"Tavernous (Alert Remix)" - Goreteks

"Necropolitan (Goreteks Remix)" - Alert

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