Overcasters finish new album, Curses//Prayers, and set date for Gathering of the Clouds fest

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Sean Hartgrove
Overcasters have finished work on their new album, Curses//Prayers, and set a release date. And like with The Whole Sea is Raging, the outfit's previous album from 2010, this one was produced by Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Von Bondies) and will be celebrated with a three-day release party. The second annual Gathering of the Clouds is slated to take place Thursday, February 23 through Saturday, February 24. No word yet on what other bands will be on the bill, but we'll keep you posted. Page down for a brief sneak peek.

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Ashley M.
Ashley M.

Their last Gathering of the Clouds event was my favorite thing of the year... looking forward to this. 

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