Ring in the holidays with Denver Doomfest this Saturday, December 3 at the Larimer Lounge

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Ah, yes, after months and months of fevered anticipation, the date is finally upon us. Fellow metal fans, rejoice! This Saturday, December 3, at the Larimer Lounge, Denver Doomfest kicks off to the most joyest of seasons, the time when we all gather together to bask in the thunderous, deafening roar of amps overdriven by downtuned guitars, while songs about all sorts of mythical things dance in our heads. Judging from the lineup and the sweet, sweet flier below featuring the radiculous artwork of David Csicely, it's gonna be one helluva good time.

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Denver Doomfest 2012
Larimer Lounge - 12/3/11

Velnias - 12:30 - 1:30
Royal Talons 11:30-12:15
The Flight of Sleipnir - 10:30-11:15
Low Gravity - 9:45-10:15
Black Sleep of Kali - 9:00-9:30
The Xiphoid Process - 8:15-8:45
Keep - 7:30-8:00
Stoic Dissention - 6:45-7:15
Black Acid Devil - 6:00- 6:30
Straighten the Crooked - 5:15-5:45
Blighter - 4:30- 5:00

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Larimer Lounge

2721 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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