Slim Cessna's wife, Victoria, and John Rumley collaborate on guitar up for sale on Etsy

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Slim Cessna with a guitar hand-painted by his wife and crafted by John Rumley.
While John Rumley has spent many years playing in Slim Cessna's Auto Club, he's also spent much of his time building many of the band's guitars and banjo.

Just over a decade ago, he started his own shop, Rumley Western, where he's been handcrafting stringed instruments. Each one is unique, including this gorgeous, extremely rare Telecaster-style guitar, which was hand-painted by Slim's wife, Victoria.

The two thought about collaborating five years ago, but the project was benched until now. The guitar, titled "Window," is up for sale now on Etsy for $1,000. Page down to get closer look at the custom-made, hand-painted V Cessna in all of its glory.





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