Rollin' In My '64: Ten famed (and great) rap songs about a Chevy

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The Chevrolet car company was founded 100 years ago today to compete with the Ford Model-T. But who cares about 100 years ago? The golden age of Chevrolet was from 1960 to 1976, from the Impala to the second-generation Caprice. This writer learned to drive on a '64 Impala in various states of disrepair, and later a 396 '69 Chevelle, which was just about as safe for a teenager as a loaded gun. The allure of those cars isn't lost on hip hop, causing any Chevy owner to take a small amount of pride when their ride is name-dropped. Here are ten songs you should always play loud in your Chev-ro-lett.

10. "Ridin' in the Chevy" by Three 6 Mafia
Most "Chevy" Line: "Watch you fools going down every single day/While I ride clean, drop-top a mean Chevrolet. Busta."

10. "My Box Chevy" by Yelawolf
Most "Chevy" Line: "This whip is built for Queens, and you wanna be seen with a king/Well I wanna see the back of your jeans in seats (My Box Chevy)"

9. "How We Ride" by Mannie Fresh & Bun B

Most "Chevy" Line: "Drivin' Chevy now/I'm ready now/The car's stolen baby, but i'm rollin' baby"

8. "Heavy in My Chevy" by Naughty By Nature
Most "Chevy" Line: "I'm right heavy in my Chevy/Packets won't go/Different brown liquor and a fifty seconds drove"

7. "Ridin' In My Chevy" by Snoop Dog

Most "Chevy" Line: "Ridin' in my Chevy, and I'm sittin at the light (at the light)/I got kush in my blood/Sippin' Remy, keep it pimpin' with my pinky off the cut/And all the people, when they see me, like, 'Snoop turn it up!'"

6. "Chevy" by Trick Daddy
Most "Chevy" Line: "Caprice style, Impala don't matter as long as you ridin' in a Chevy"

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Tyra Shortino
Tyra Shortino

These songs about Chevy (and even the songs with just the word "Chevy" in it) prove how much the brand is part of the American cultural experience. The brand may not have the most number of sales worldwide, but it definitely tops in iconography.


Rapping the words to "Let Me Ride" got me in so much trouble once...then my father introduced me to the P-Funk angle. Awesome post. Big up the Chevy.

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