Video: The five best bands that broke up in 2011 -- paired with five of their saddest songs

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4. The White Stripes: Before die-hard fans criticize the fact that this is not, to be sure, an original White Stripes song, consider the point: At no point in their way-too-short, occasionally-too-baffling career did Jack and Meg White produce any track, song, sound or show that was not, definitively, a White Stripes moment. Regardless of their constantly fluctuating personal relationship, the duo played and eventually championed a brazen brand of rock so heavy on Jack's blues influence that at times the result was blatant retro-punk. With fourteen years, six albums and two current side projects under the band's belt, the surprise behind their demise is softened by the fact that their musical generation earned a solid second archetype to sit beside the Strokes.

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