Video: The five best bands that broke up in 2011 -- paired with five of their saddest songs

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1. LCD Soundsystem: When LCD Soundsystem toured with Arcade Fire in 2007, it was almost as difficult to tell which band was really the headliner as it was to distract yourself from James Murphy's dance-punk even after it had been followed by the small Montreal circus that is Arcade Fire. The beauty behind Murphy's brilliance comes through most easily in the fact that all three of his band's albums can soundtrack absolutely any moment in time, regardless of how far or near that moment is from the guys' home of New York City. Always equal parts brutal and gentle, LCD Soundsystem mixed lyrics that were savvy to the point of being prophetic with a sound that was brash to the point of nostalgia to become the soundtrack of sloppy nights, messy break-ups, high school reunions, first kisses and quarter- and mid-life crises the world over. Their spot at the top of the list is founded in their ability to soundtrack a loss of their magnitude better than anyone else could.

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