A Shoreline Dream's video for "fault 67" deftly captures the dreamlike textures of the music

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One of the biggest challenges of making an engaging video -- particularly those that don't follow any sort of discernible, linear plot line or that pivot on some sort of cohesive narrative -- is at least coming close to matching the visuals that listeners conjure up on their own when listening to your music. Depending upon how well things are executed, the associated video can either bolster the impact of the music or unwittingly detract from it by irreversibly attaching incongruous imagery.

Chalk this one up to the former. On "fault 67," A Shoreline Dream's video from Losing Them All to This Time, their latest effort, Ryan Policky and company have done an expert job of capturing the dreamlike state we often picture when listening to the act's distinctive brand of shoegaze. The soft focus and hazy layered images make perfect bedfellows. Have a look.

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thanks so much for the kind words!

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