Fresh Breath, Spoke in Wordz, the ReMINDers and Prime Element spit fire in BET-style cypher

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Ah, yes, we love it when cats take it back to the old school. A team of Colorado's dopest MCs, including Paul JR and Myke Charles from Fresh Breath Committee, Aja Black and Big Samir from the ReMINDers and A.V.I.U.S. from Prime Element, have done just that with their own BET-styled rap cypher. With Cysko Rokwel behind the decks, the MCs pass around the mike and show precisely why rapping is more than an art form. It's a lifestyle.

The inspiration, of course, is the famed BET joints featuring Preemo on the tables and rhymes by Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, Mos Def and Black Thought, among others. The CO cypher, filmed and edited by Ryan Smedra, opens with an intro from cypher organizer Paul JR and then focuses on Spoke In Wordz, who delivers passionate flow before passing the mike to Aja Black, who spits hardcore while "only giving 30 percent." From there, in typical cypher fashion, the mike gets passed around to the other MCs, who all spit fire. Peep the flow below:

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real talk
real talk

So like, does anyone actually freestyle anymore? or is that ancient history? cuz I'm pretty sure the video that this version is imitating showcases freestyles, not verses. 


why do you spell 'mic' like 'mike' lol

real talk
real talk

they did come nice with it tho. Denver reps hard. 

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