S.L.U.T. lives up to its moniker on "Easy, Nice and Sleazy," the outfit's debut track

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Remember back in August when we told you about the new band that Bobby Smith, Bob Rupp, Chris Cheiffo and Jeff Black formed called Sleazy, Loud, Ultra-Trashy -- S.L.U.T. for short? Well, let's just say suspicions confirmed. The outfit's moniker is also a fairly apt description of the collective noise the furious foursome have conjured up. If the ge-ups in the above picture don't give enough indication, S.L.U.T. is drawing from influences pooled in a retro glam-rock gutter. Velvet Revolver pull your trigger? You'll eat this shit up. Page down to have a listen of a rough demo, and then catch the dudes on New Year's Eve at the Lion's Lair, with the Other Russia.

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Lion's Lair

2022 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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MC Jackass
MC Jackass

About time we get something like this in Denver! 

uncle stiffy
uncle stiffy

sounds good....drummer is a bit sloppy however....

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