Everyone But You, Eric Shiveley's excellent documentary, finally makes its way to the web

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Just over four years ago, Eric Shiveley self-produced a documentary called Everyone But You. The film, which Shiveley shot, produced and edited himself over the course of two years, did a fine job of capturing the loneliness, isolation and frustration of being a struggling musician from the purview of a lonely, frustrated, struggling musician.

The story begins with Shiveley selling his home in Denver and moving to the San Luis Valley, where he moves into a trailer while he builds a recording studio on a picturesque plot of land he purchased. The film earned entry and accolades in a number of festivals, but until now, it's been limited to a handful of local screenings. This past week, the film finally made its way to the Internet. If you have some time to kill today, it's totally worth checking it out.

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Russ Christiansen
Russ Christiansen

Eric's life, and his film are so close to home for anyone whose plight involves the relentless pursuit of an artist's dreams and visions.  This film would hit the mark if it were filmed anywhere, about any music scene.  The fact that it's backdrop is our home makes it even more intimate for those of us in Colorado.   I traveled twice to see it, and it meant more each time.  A very fine film from a fascinating and talented musician I have been blessed to cross paths and work with. Watch it, download it, and go buy his albums because their sheer brilliance will explain just exactly how gifted he is, and how frustrating that can be in this crazy business. He wears it on his sleeve here, and it makes him a bit of a hero for those of us that thought, but never said, what needs to be said for our own sanity. 

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