Listen to My Body Sings Electric's new track "Doctor" before it officially drops on Tuesday

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Update (12/15/11): My Body Sings Electric named as one of this year's top three finalists in KTCL's Hometown for the Holidays promotion.

My Body Sings Electric is one of the recent local Kickstarter success stories. Granted, the act's initiative wasn't quite as successful as, say, Five Iron Frenzy's recent campaign, which has raised a staggering $161K and counting, but My Body Sings Electric successfully funded its project. And the band used the money raised to record a new song up at the Blasting Room with Andrew Berlin and Jason Livermore. In advance of its official release tomorrow, My Body Sings Electric hooked us up with the track, "Doctor," which the dudes also submitted to KTCL for its annual Hometown for the Holidays promo. Have a listen below.

Doctor by My Body Sings Electric on Grooveshark

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Thanks for posting the track Dave! We're excited for the release tomorrow!

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