New Year's Eve 2011 Denver: ten best electronic-music events

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What better time to dance the night away than New Year's Eve? We've curated the ten best electronic-music events for your dance-floor pleasure; keep reading to check out our picks.

10. City Hall: Slick Rick, Too $hort and Kraddy
You might not think that Slick Rick or Too $hort count as electronic-music artists, per se, but you can't argue with Kraddy; the former Glitch Mob member is a glitch-hop artist extraordinare, and J. Wail, Project Aspect, Kruzakid and Aphonix will support him on stage. Tickets start at $35; visit

9. Vinyl: Space Cowboy
Perhaps best known as Lady Gaga's producer, Space Cowboy will be rocking the main floor of Vinyl on New Year's Eve; there will also be tunes by Kon-flikt and Phabric8 spinning electro house, so come get your freak on! Tickets are $20 pre-sale and $40 at the door; call 303-860-8469 or visit

8. City Hall: Ladytron
Yes, City Hall makes our list twice, because it's got two different lineups going on in that huge space! Reuben Wu of Ladytron will play a special DJ set at City Hall with boyhollow, London Dungeon, Shannon Von Kelly and more artists to be announced; this is the place to be to get your indie/electro/'80s/house/rock/soul fix on New Year's Eve, without a doubt. The eighteen-and-up show starts at $20; visit

7. Bar Standard: DJ Heather
This party features an electro room, but if your thing is Chicago house, you won't find a better place to be to ring in 2012. DJ Heather will spin her blissful tunes with support from Uriah West (who totally rocked it out last New Year's Eve, you might recall), Steve Synfull, EMP Audio, Addikt and many more. Admission to this 21-and-up bash is a mere $15; visit or call 303-832-8628.

6. Diamond After Dark: This is How We Bass
We gave the Diamond After Dark props for its Big Top New Year's Eve blowout in our cheap events list and our best nightlife events list -- and included in that $15 price tag is the This is How We Bass show, with Exzact, Jimi the Genius, X-Static, DJ Wreck, J-Double, D.O.H., Dave Parrish, JR10, Just Al, Drastk and Teknikol. Tits and bass -- what else could you ask for on New Year's? You have to be eighteen or older to enter (and 21-and-ups get a break on price, too, gaining entry for just $10). Visit

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You guys actually put Whomp Truck up there, well I guess if you like to be around a bunch of people that go around thinking they're more holy than thou.  The only thing worth doing at a whomp truck event is beating the crap out of their thug DJs and followers, and a quicky from the skanky girls that follow them...


Doctor P has been removed from the Decadence lineup.

Victor Barrera
Victor Barrera

On of these days I'm really going to have to spend NYE in Denver!

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