Places' pristine brand of pop is prime for radio

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Happy humpday! Here's some piping hot, pristine, radio-ready pop for you, hot off the presses and straight out of the Mile High City. The band is called Places, and the tune is titled "Fire," from the group's brand-new album, No More Wasted Days. We've been enamored with this act for a few years -- back when a few of the members were still shuttling back and forth from Montana -- but now it sounds like Places has fully come into its own.

No More Wasted Days produced by Greg Richling, available on iTunes

Still not sure why these dudes need two drummers to pull off this sound, but I guess that's neither here nor there. The seven-piece sure knows its way around a tune; God knows this isn't the first act in history to have that setup, and it's a safe bet that it certainly won't be the last. Page down to check out the new video, directed by Matty Kerr. Nice black-and-white cinematography.

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Peter Black
Peter Black

Listening now. Thanks for the heads up. Love getting new local music news. 


Thanks, PB. Right back at ya, brother. Seems like you've always got the drop on the new hotness.

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