Review: ohGr at the Bluebird, 12/07/11

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Tom Murphy
ohGr last night at the Bluebird Theater

"Don't do coke," Ogre urged the audience at the Bluebird last night. "Because I sure fuckin' did, and it nearly killed me." This unvarnished pronouncement from ohGr's frontman came at the end of a particularly strong and sharp performance of "Timebomb," one of the best numbers from Devils In My Details, and you could feel the tension in the room in a moment of awkward silence that followed as some people processed what Ogre was saying in such a simple, straightforward manner.

Fog rolled in off the stage right area above the doorway to the backstage area of the Bluebird for several minutes before the members of ohGr strolled on to stage all wearing grey suits, and being led by Ogre who was wearing a police riot helmet. Appropriately enough, the set began with "Crash" and featured a well-chosen blend of material from across the ohGr catalogue including "Eye Candy," with its compellingly disjointed rhythm accentuated now and again by Ogre's signature hand flutter.

Tom Murphy
ohGr last night at the Bluebird Theater

Throughout the show, Ogre gestured with his usual flair for the theatrical while perfectly executing his distorted vocals. What's interesting about Ogre's singing, though, is that even when it's distended, distorted, warped and otherwise contorted into different shapes, you can usually understand what he's trying to say. Somehow, the meaning isn't lost in the translation from words in the head and those as expressed through electronic devices that change the character of the voice.

Tom Murphy
ohGr last night at the Bluebird Theater

The act's set ended with a chanted, nearly rapped "Minus" with its insistent refrain. The crowd, who was clearly into the show, beckoned the band back out for a three song encore beginning with "Hollow" and closing with an especially bombastic and forceful rendition of "wateR." During ohGr's set, Ogre informed us that would be fifty years old next year. Hard to believe, as the guy has more life and vitality than most people his age.

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