Rockaway Tavern's future up in the air

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Hunter Stevens
Although the Facebook page for Rockaway Tavern (2036 Broadway) says the venue's last show was at the end of November, owner Kris Sieger insists that the venue isn't closed (he says his former soundman had administrative control over the Facebook page). Sieger, who opened the bar in July 2010 with former 15th Street Tavern owner Myke Martinez and 3 Kings Tavern co-owner Jim Norris, is now running the space by himself, since the other two are no longer involved.

And while there's definitely the XXX-Mas happening on Saturday, December 10 and a grindcore fest with ten bands happening on Saturday, December 17, after that things will be up in the air, he says. "Things could change," Sieger explains. "I am looking for potential investors and might even be open to selling the place. I put a lot of my heart and soul into it. I'd love to see it flourish some day."

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The Rockaway Tavern - CLOSED

2036 Broadway, Denver, CO

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the fact that kris is a drunk with a 15 minute memory and no ability to pay bills at all! (he says they give him anxiety) is why the venue is closing. when youre in the hole 15 to 17 grand because it scares you to open bills. youre the reason the venue is closing. as for heart and soul if you count smoking weed all day in the office then drinking what little memory you have into oblivion on a daily basis while not bothering to pay your employees.. yeah i guess he put his heart and soul into it.

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