TaunTaun to reconvene at 3 Kings Tavern on Friday, February 10, for Jim Norris benefit show

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Update (12/6/11): Suspicions confirmed. The mighty men of TaunTaun are indeed reconvening to play a show. "I don't want to call it a reunion," says Ian O'Dougherty, "because we never broke up. This is just for Jim." The Jim in question is Jim Norris of 3 Kings Tavern, where TaunTaun will play on Friday, February 10. Norris, as you might recall, was recently hospitalized for a spider bite and left with a pile of hospital bills. To help ease the burden, a number of Rev's friends, including John Baxter of ZetaKaye House, have organized a series of benefits, and this is one of them.

"We met Jim when we were playing in the Gamits, Uphollow, and Pinhead Circus in the '90s," says O'Dougherty, "and think of him more as a friend than as a promoter or venue owner. Tauntaun hasn't played together since September 2010... but, when we heard that Jim needed help paying medical bills from a recent six-day stay in the hospital, we knew that we could offer assistance by getting back on the horse, or jumping into the fire, or in this case, crawling out of our nice, cozy Tauntaun. Rust is being removed, muscles stretched, lyrics remembered."

Original Item (12:30 p.m. 12/5/11): In case you missed it, the dudes in TaunTaun just Tweeted this, a very succinct but (hopefully) very telling string of numbers that got our adrenaline pumping. The band, of course, has been inactive for quite some time. Could this cryptic message mean what we think it means? Possibly. Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, page down to bask in the brutality.


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Zetakaye House
Zetakaye House

Also performing for this show:

Git SomeLion SizedSpeedwolf

All proceeds go to Jim's medical bills.



those bitches better make it happen. love, bart

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