Is Tennis (the band) the Tim Tebow of indie rock? Consider this side-by-side comparison

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Tim Algiere (via Myspace)
Last week, after the Tebuzz reached a fever pitch across the country -- with Jesus checking in with Timmy on Saturday Night Live -- and then culminated in a devastating loss by the Broncos to Belichick's boys here at home, we listened to the post-game analysis and the deflated reflections. Some talking head pointed out how Tom Brady spiking the ball was a frustrated reaction to being overshadowed in the media by Tim Tebow, a guy who hasn't accomplished nearly as much. Tebow has become a polarizing figure, really, through no fault of his own, he added.

As we considered this notion, with the image of Tennis -- another polarizing local figure -- performing this past weekend at the hi-dive still fresh in our mind, we noticed some striking parallels between the two and wondered: Is Tennis (due to celebrate the release of its new album, Young and Old, on Thursday, February 16 at the Bluebird) the Tebow of indie rock? Judge for yourself with this side-by-side comparison.

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Wow Dave, 

Are you aware that you actually seem quite jealous of Tennis?

It doesn't make a bit of sense to me at all, including the "side-by-side Tebow comparison insult attempt."

Poorly done.

In addition, as I now have taken a peek at your blog writing style for Westword, you have been jealous of Tennis' success for some time now and you spend most of your time whining about bands you don't like instead of about bands you do like.

Maybe you should move.

I hear L.A. is pretty nice this time of year.

Morris Clide
Morris Clide

It is suppose to be  that the defense was tremendous, but there is the intangible "phenomenon Tebow". I guess that deserves discussion about what the Broncos record would have Kyle Orton continued to play. It looked like a losing team with Orton. The D is great, but Tebow say what someone should get some credit for the 7-1. QB is usually judged by victory and defeat plain and simple. The numbers may not be there but the most important. Now this could be the Trent Dilfer argument again, but these reimbursements fourth quarter just make the discussion more interesting.anyway, for more news, we can visit thanx


Au contraire, mon frère. I'm actually rather fond of both Tennis and Tebow.

But that's beside the point, really.

The piece, as expressed above, was inspired by the parallels I noticed between the two burgeoning phenomenons, from their individual trajectories to the respective backlash to their buzz (locally for the former; nationally for the latter), something neither had any control over but yet shaped their perception -- a bit abstract, I know.

As far as whining, not sure where you're getting that from. Just to pull from the most recent example, last week, I wrote up and praised nearly 50 local albums in our annual Moovers and Shakers round-up. So, yeah, there's plenty that I both like and write about. But of course, you're certainly welcome to continue thinking otherwise.

At any rate, thanks for reading Backbeat and for weighing in. Happy holidays.

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