Third Annual 5280 Urban Music Awards at the Paramount Theatre: wrap-up and list of winners

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Britt Chester
The third annual 5280 Awards were held last night at the Paramount Theatre
The third annual 5280 Urban Music Awards went down last night at the Paramount Theatre, and while it took a second to get there, the vibe of the event was upbeat and enthusiastic. The place was crammed wall-to-wall with rappers, singers and people out to see and be seen. Kingdom was the host for the evening and did a solid job of keeping the crowd engaged and ushering the performers on and off the stage. The ceremony went off without a hitch -- although there was a minor scuffle or two in the lobby. Page down for the recap and the full list of winners.

Britt Chester
The third annual 5280 Awards were held last night at the Paramount Theatre.

After being hurried down the aisle like a politician by the event's organizers, a slightly tardy Kevin Kain opened the ceremony with light chatter and good-natured jokes before introducing Kingdom, who kicked off the evening's festivities. The organizers were determined to stay on schedule, so a number of the awards were announced even though some of the winners, including Mr. Midas, who won the award for Complete Project of the Year for Son of the Crack Era, hadn't arrived yet.

Britt Chester
Pries accepting his YouTube-views award last night at the 5280 Urban Music Awards at the Paramount Theatre.

The evening included several performances, and as is typical with hip-hop, the stage was absolutely littered with rappers. At one point, there were so many members of No Half-Time on stage, it was hard to recognize anyone except Iman S and AP. They got down and warmed the crowd up, though, and the evening wore on.

Britt Chester
SP Double with the crew and King FOE at the 5280 Urban Music Awards.

The challenge last night seemed to be keeping the attendees engaged long enough to stay in their seats for the entire show. For most of the night, people were milling around in the lobby, greeting each other, being interviewed by SP Double and the cats from, who were streaming their Internet radio show live. Folks were basically doing everything except staying in one place.

Britt Chester
Dosha "D.Girl" Harris accepting her award last night at the 5280 Urban Music Awards at the Paramount Theatre.

Gang Green International's set grabbed their attention for a bit before a very pregnant D.Girl in sky-high heels took the stage and killed, and then Mr. Midas later vehemently declared that he runs shit with his city anthem, "Run My Town." Rockie, Bmore, AP and what seemed like a thousand others were enthusiastic, energetic and surprisingly organized on stage during their set.

Britt Chester
Lil Bad accepting his award for Rookie of the Year at the 5280 Urban Music Awards.

Also worth mentioning is slightly unfamiliar face Lil Bad, whose early performance gave the show a much-needed boost of energy. Rap consortium 1600 ended the evening on a strong note with several wall-thumping bass lines, matching sweatshirts and disciplined chaos.

Britt Chester
1600 getting the Paramount hyped last night at the 5280 Urban Music Awards.

DJ Sinafold was behind the decks and gave an almost robotic go of his house DJ duties throughout the night. It could have been the sound, it could have been his music selection, but people appeared bored with his choices on several occasions. Of the award presentation itself, the highlight was definitely Pries's win celebrating his video success on YouTube and the young MC handing it over to a very humbled and surprised DJ Ktone.

Britt Chester
DJ Sinafold last night at 5280 Urban Music Awards at the Paramount Theatre.

Britt Chester

2011 5280 Urban Music Awards Winners

Rookie of the Year: Lil Bad
Complete Project of the Year: (Son of the Crack Era) Mr. Midas
Song of the Year: L. Keys- "Coming Home With Me"
Female Artist of the Year: D.Girl
Video of the Year: Nyke Nitti- "Hustle Like Us"
Calabo of the year: Cabby/Young Joc- "Left Lane"
Air Play Award: Innerstate Ike - "Moolah Shuffle"
Foundation Award: Zaboo
True to Life Artist Award: Young Doe
Big Beat Award: TC Crook
Youtube Views: Pries
Producer of the Year: TC Crook
Mixtape of the Year: Listen to My Music (Young Tilt)
Mean Machine Award: Hustle N Flow
Town Reputable Award: Morning Star

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lol. Ktone has NOTHING to do with the 5280 music awards. He wasnt even nominated so why are people talking like he put on the show? 


Lol funniest shit Eva. What about Ron Ezee? What about international Pete? What about the R&B awards? Oh. Ktone doesn't have any of those. There are plenty of artist that are from the Box that represent but get no love, the funniest thing is they are actually makin money and are full time artist, but jus keep your little circle n I hope yall actually blow. Still love to Ike. Sad this was not a true representation of the best URBAN talent but nothing more than a KTONE Dick sucking contest.


The people who put this on do not even know some of the MAIN groups/artists in Colorado that are doing big things. Ever heard of Food Chain, BLK HRTS, Prime Element, Spoken Wordz, Fresh Breath Committee, Mane Rok, The Reminders, Air Dubai, etc?? Exactly. These groups have done more than more than HALF of your "nominees". This is a one sided display of one city of Denver "Hip Hop". This shit is a damn joke.


Lil bad is the truth rookie of the year yea rite that dude been going hard for the last 10 plus years... lil face,esk,and mrs poole see u bro do ya thang bro bro

Real artist
Real artist

This was da worst show I had ever seen. i did not show case a diverse group of urban music artist.. no R&B or New school Hip Hop.. It was the K-tone show as usual.. Bunch of wack ass wanna be gangster rap...

Next... Thats why Denver does not get respect nation wide cause of shit like this.


coming out of pocket to throw yourself your own annual award show is not respectable? 

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