Top ten club shows and local shows of 2011

Here are two quick lists to warm you up on this snow day; the ten best club shows and local shows (the two aren't mutually exclusive, by any means) of 2011, as picked by Backbeat writers and ranked by music editor Dave Herrera. Find our ten best arena concerts of 2011 and feel free to peruse all our concert reviews. By the time you're finished reading, the snow will have melted.

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Aaron Thackeray
Adele in May at the Ogden. It's safe to say when she returns, it will be to an arena-sized venue.
Club shows of 2011
10. Matt & Kim @ the Ogden Theatre
9. Wolves In the Throne Room @ Rhinoceropolis
8. Cut Copy @ the Ogden Theatre
7. Kimya Dawson/Aesop Rock @ Summit Music Hall
6. Swans @ Summit Music Hall
5. Iceage @ Rhinoceropolis
4. Ellie Goulding @ Ogden Theatre
3. Lykke Li @ Ogden Theatre
2. Sleigh Bells @ Ogden Theatre
1. Adele @ Ogden Theatre

Jon Solomon
Nathaniel Rateliff's annual holiday show at the Gothic was one of our favorite local shows of 2011.
Local shows of 2011
10. ManCub/Flashlights @ hi-dive
9. Goldrush Festival @ hi-dive
8. Denver After Dark Fest @ Larimer/Meadowlark
7. Titwrench 2011 @ Glob/Mercury Cafe
6. Denver Does CBGB @ hi-dive
5. Come As You Are @ hi-dive
4. Pure Sunshine @ Bluebird Theater
3. FaceMan's First Waltz @ Bluebird Theater
2. Nathaniel Rateliff Holiday show @ Gothic Theatre
1. BLKHRTS Ball @ Glob

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For all the whiners...start your own blog and write about the shit you think Westword keeps missing. Then you can see just how relevant your music taste is by how quickly your readership grows. It really is just that simple. 


sounds like someones band didnt make the list again.... boo hoo "wrong again" and "able ferrer"

Able Ferrer
Able Ferrer

Some a these places aren't even real clubs.  Why not list the shows in your bedroom to?


Mancub/Flahlights was at Hi-Dive

Wrong again
Wrong again

What a stupid list for local shows, pull your head out of your ass.

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