Social Distortion, Hells Belles, Scott Kelly of Neurosis, Mickey Avalon and more this weekend

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Social Distortion kicks off a three-night stand at the Ogden Theatre tonight
If you're looking for some captivating music this weekend, you need not look very far. Social Distortion kicks off its three-night stand tonight at the Ogden Theatre. Sean Paul is playing a free show tonight at Casselman's, Hells Belles channel AC/DC at the Fox, and the Queers stop by the Gothic. Tomorrow night, Beats Antique sets up shop at the Fillmore, Scott Kelly of Neurosis hits the hi-dive, and Mickey Avalon gets debaucherous at the Bluebird. Page down for a full rundown.



Mike Ness is the only constant member in Social Distortion's rotating cast for more than thirty years (with a few breaks in between) -- although some fans might argue that Ness essentially is Social Distortion. Ness has aged well. He and the band still tear through material with reckless abandon to deliver some thoroughly solid shows, and the singer doesn't sound a whole lot different than he did three decades ago. During Social D's three-night run at the Ogden (tonight through Sunday), there's a good chance the outfit will dip into everything from the act's 1983 debut Mommy's Little Monster to this year's Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, which includes the band's current lineup with former U.S. Bombs/Cadillac Tramps guitarist Jonny Wickersham, Suicidal Tendencies drummer David Hildago, Jr., and bassist Brent Harding.


​Reggae-pop star Sean Paul will be in the Mile High City this Friday, turning Casselman's Bar & Venue into the Jamaican dancehall at a free show. Famous for songs like, "Gimme the Light," "We Be Burning," and a slew of other dance floor hitters, Sean Paul is a rhythmic strong hold and definitely worth making it out to see. The show is free, but there are some specifics you need to know. Namely, you must be prepared to party and get your drink on. The show is free, but there is a catch: A one drink minimum is required for entry. Wanna go? All you need to do is register online for free tickets. Your name will be on a 'will call' list at the door the day of the show. Obviously this party is 21+up, and the tunes are sure to be on point.


It takes balls the size of Tasmania to impersonate AC/DC, Australia's most famed musical export and an undeniable rock-and-roll legend. Uh, that is, unless you're Seattle's Hell's Belles -- an all-woman AC/DC tribute band that ably salutes all those about to rock. The band came together a decade ago, and since then has honed its chops and stage presence to a razor's edge, with new singer Amber Saxon strutting back and forth between Bon Scott's snarl and Brian Johnson's screech. Meanwhile, Adrian Conner does a canny and accomplished Angus Young impersonation, ripping power chords off her fret board like scabs off an open wound. Forget Rosie: How's about a whole lotta Hell's Belles?


The Queers have been around forever -- or so it seems. Any snot-nosed kid who's ever dipped into the punk scene, even if it was only for a summer, has probably elbowed a few faces in the pit at a Queers show, or at least bought (and later sold) an album from the act's lengthy discography. The Queers don't go away; instead, they get passed on year after year to younger generations. The punk scene is changing, however, and with every decade, it evolves into a hungrier moneymaking beast. Bands like the Queers, who started out when punk still meant "miscreant," are becoming endangered, and guys like Joe King, aka Joe Queer, come from a dying breed of musicians who are still in it to have fun.

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