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Don't miss FaceMan's Waltz this Friday, February 3, at the Bluebird.
This Friday, February 3, at the Bluebird Theater, FaceMan is celebrating the release of its new album, Feeding Time, with a full slate of guests, including members of Achille Lauro, the Knew, Flobots, Boulder Acoustic Society, Hindershot, Wheelchair Sports Camp and more. Feeding Time, the outfit's second full-length, was recorded at Uneven Studios by Bryan Feuchtinger and Evan Reeves at UI Sound in Boulder and then mixed and masterered by Orbit Service's Randall Fraizer at the Helmet Room.


Like FaceMan's First Waltz this time last February, this year's FaceMan's Waltz is poised to be an all-star-filled night of local music to remember. It also marks the first time many of us will get a chance to hear the results of the band's enviable sessions with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Rebirth Brass Band last summer.

"Our time together was short," recalls FaceMan's unimokered frontman, Steve. "But we've built a relationship and intend on maintaining it. Those guys are the real deal and are musicians that we look up to. Both bands that have lasted for thirty plus years! At the end of the day, having living legends on this record is an amazing accomplishment for us, and still feels a bit surreal."

Last summer, as you might recall, Steve first approached Dirty Dozen with an unlikely invitation to join his outfit in the studio and guest on a few tracks. To Steve's unexpected and pleasant surprise, those guys accepted, and Feuchtinger captured the whole thing on tape (or wave form, as the case may be). Pressing his luck, Steve reached out to the Rebirth Brass Band when that act came to town a short time later, and to his delight, they also accepted. From the sounds of it, their noteworthy contributions fell completely in line with the goals set forth by Steve and his bandmates -- guitarist David Thomas Bailey, drummer Dean Hirschfield, and Greg Raih, who handles the band's visuals.

"As compared to our first release, the second album is much more of 'FaceMan on the attack,'" he offers. "We dig some trenches, but we're sprinting every chance we get. The first record, for the most part, was a folk album and was an accurate documentation of the beginning of the project. This record is folk musicians running on a hamster wheel. Ha! It feels like pent-up energy in a box. We can have a big sound and wanted to prove it. It's also meant to be collaborative, and we wanted to feature other musicians we believe in and are humbled by. Whatever it is, it was fun as hell to pull together."

Sounds like it.

Check out "Need," Feeding Time's penultimate track, featuring the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, with Scott McCormick on keys and Kate Shoup on backing vocals, and then catch the band this Friday, February 3, at the Bluebird.

Need by FaceMan on Grooveshark

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Bluebird Theater

3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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 Already listen it trial version and love this record. Can't wait it for official release. :) Thanks for informing. Keep it up!


Oh hell yeah Faceman!  Can't wait for oil cans at the Bluebird on Friday night.

David Thomas Bailey
David Thomas Bailey

We have come up with the following solutions to avoiding the rediculous "convenience fee" if you go through the Bluebird website: 1) PAY $15 direct to FaceMan via PayPal: You can buy tickets directly through FaceMan for $15.  You can send us money via PayPal at thefacemanmusic@gmail.com.  We will then leave how ever many tickets you purchase at will call.  To avoid a last minute rush, please do this before Friday!   2) Pay $15 dollars cash to any member in FaceMan or guest performer: You can get cash to any member of FaceMan or any guest performer up until 5pm on Friday.  If you're paying a guest performer, please send an email to thefacemanmusic@gmail.com as well so we can make sure it gets to will call.  Feel free to stop by Black Book Gallery (555 Santa Fe) tonight or tomorrow after 9pm to give us cash directly as we'll be rehearsing.   3) Bluebird Box Office Tuesday or Thursday night: You can buy tickets at the Bluebird Theater box office tonight (Jan. 31) or Thursday Feb. 2 from 6:30pm on.  The tickets will be $15 dollars with a $2 dollar fee.   The Bluebird is located at: Bluebird Theater3317 E. Colfax AveDenver, CO 80206http://bluebirdtheater.net/dir... 4) Day of the Show: Tickets the day of the show are $18 with a $2 processing fee.  We're hoping this sells out so we can't guarantee there will be tickets still availalbe so try to do one of the options above if you can! For those of you that have already purchased tickets, thank you!  Please email us if you paid the stupid "convenience fee" and we will give you a free copy of our album.   SPREAD THE WORD and Thank you for being there!  The show is going to be AMAZING. FaceManwww.facemanmusic.com

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