Girls at the Gothic Theatre on March 16

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Catch Girls at the Gothic Theatre on Friday, March 16.
Ah, yes, girls, we love them. Who doesn't, right? Mötley Crüe wrote an entire song about them. Actually, so did Jay-Z, come to think of it. But we digress. Where were we again? Oh, right, girls, we love them. So you can only imagine the overwhelming sense of joy we experienced just now when we heard that they're coming to the Gothic Theatre on Friday, March 16... What's that? Uh, right, of course...different Girls. Lauded indie-rock band, capital G...we knew that. Our bad. Luckily, we're quite fond of them, too. Tickets for the show, which also includes Unknown Mortal Orchestra, are on sale now.

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Gothic Theatre

3263 S. Broadway, Englewood, CO

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