Magic Cyclops vs American Idol: Magic one, Idol zero.

If you missed American Idol tonight, well, let's just say you missed a hell of a lot. We'll have a full recap in the morning, but for now, we just had to give massive props to the one and only Magic Cyclops, the Mile High City's most prized export, who has officially achieved God-like status. That weasel Seacrest refers to our dear Cyclops as a party pooper. More like turd in the punchbowl there, sport. To wit, this is probably Magic's most subversive moment to date since showing up incognito at Rockbar on election night in 2008 as a "trucker for McCain." American Idol? Pffth! This is an American Icon, ladies and gentlemen. Magic Cyclops FTW!

Ryan Seacrest: "Back in the audtion room, it's turned into party central. But like they say, every party has a pooper."."

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Love this guy.  Well done, Scott!


Randy doesn't get it!

Joey B
Joey B

I liked him better as Nigel Tufnel.

Joey B
Joey B

I liked him better as Nigel Tufnel.

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