Video: Tim Tebow joins Brad Paisley on stage at the Pepsi Center

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Update 3/21/12: See also: Brad Paisley tweets at Tim Tebow, lobbies for Titans: "Nashville's really a great place to live"

Page down for bigger picture, and don't miss Brad Paisley's tourmates Tebowing in the foreground.
Um, so, yeah, you'll be happy to know that the whole Tebow mania thing hasn't died down in the Mile High City. Not in the slightest. Apparently, being utterly eviscerated by the Patriots around this time last week has done absolutely nothing to dampen the spirits of Denverites. Exhibit A: When Brad Paisley brought old #15 up during "I'm Still a Guy," recreating an onstage moment from some two years ago at the University of Florida's O'Connell Center, the crowd lost its ever loving mind and let out a deafening roar, alternately chanting "Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!" and screaming their brains out.

Just when you thought it was beginning to wane, Tebow mania is still going strong.

From @BradPaisley: "Preparing for my touchdown pass..."

From @BradPaisley: "me and @TimTebow, probably not gonna be nominated for musical Duo of the year, but you never know."

From @TimTebow: "Had a great time last night @BradPaisley! I won't quit my day job and you keep shopping at Baby Gap haha!"

From @TimTebow: "Having a great time hanging out w/ my brothers & friends at @BradPaisley concert in Denver!"

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egadsby freakin stupid is that? LOL

Morgan Johanson
Morgan Johanson

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god please make it stop.

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