Play Vince Neil Bingo at the Grizzly Rose tonight!

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So with all the hip-hop, punk rock and scary metal happenings this weekend, you hair metal maniacs probably feel a bit left out that we haven't mentioned a word about Vince Neil playing at the Grizzly Rose tonight. Well, rest easy. We didn't forget about you. We've been busy crafting a bingo card for you to print and take with you to the show tonight, something to keep you busy when the Motley Crue frontman isn't on stage. Dig it.

Bingo card copy by Patrick Rodgers, design by Jay Vollmar.

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Grizzly Rose

5450 N. Valley Highway, Denver, CO

Category: Music

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All hale Mötley Crüe!!!  I am really a fan of this band especially VInce Neil!! This band inspired me to learn guitar in the 80's, and has been my inspiration since then. 

"Henry" for 

pare feu cheminée 

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