Review: Z-Trip at City Hall, 1/21/12

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Photo by Britt Chester

Z-TRIP @ CITY HALL | 1/21/12
Z-Trip brought the ruckus so damn hard for the Saturday night Terminal Kings festivities at City Hall. Surrounded by the art that will adorn the walls of Denver International Airport, party-goers most definitely got what they came for last night: The music phenom imbued City Hall with so much bass, it could have been measured by the Richter Scale. Extremely personable, Z-Trip seemed to be loving the music he played for the crowd -- as much as the elated audience.

Photo by Britt Chester
DJ Z-Trip, aka Zach Sciacca, in his now annual visit to City Hall, and Denver for that matter, in January. His last appearance was at the now-cancelled Electric Daisy Carnival.
With lights flashing, pounding bass and every dope song combination you could imagine, the whole entire place was a party. Some were tempted to gawk at Z-trip's wonders but honestly, there wasn't a still body in the packed amphitheater. The transition from Rihanna's 'We Found Love," to Outkast's "Spottiottiedopelicious" was so smooth and succinct, when the horns came in there was a collective scream of euphoria heard echoing across the venue.

Slide show: Z-Trip at City Hall

Photo by Britt Chester
The master at work, Z-Trip ran through three decades of music with precision and finesse. Epitomizing the term DJ, it's hard to ignore how skillfully he reads a crowd. From MartyParty's Waka Flocka remix of "Hard In Da Paint," to Oasis' "Champagne Supernova," there was no tell as to what he would drop next.

Photo by Britt Chester
The ground floor space was drastically reduced due to the art display, which somehow managed to not suffer any sort of integral damage despite its relativeness closeness to the massive crowd.

Photo by Britt Chester
This is a familiar sight for Z-Trip when he visits Denver.

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