Bell Biv Devoe and Blackstreet at Wells Fargo on 4/14

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Catch BBD and Blackstreet at Wells Fargo on 4/14.
Never trust a big butt and a smile. Ah, yes, these sage words of Bell Biv Devoe have served us well into adulthood. Those few nuggets of wisdom undoubtedly saved us from a world of heartache and subsequent therapy. And don't even get us started on Teddy Riley of Blackstreet (or Guy, if you're old-school like that), without whom, of course, there would be no New Jack Swing. That said, the "Urban Legends" designation touting the upcoming Jammin' 101.5 date of those two acts at the Wells Fargo Theatre on Saturday, April 14 is entirely fitting. Tickets on sale Saturday, March 3.


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Bellco Theatre

700 14th St., Denver, CO

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