Chris Brown seagull attack reimagined (ten images)

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Getting mounted by the Denver International Airport demon horse, known as "Mustang."
Fresh off his Grammy win for best R&B album and dropping a pair of remixes with Rihanna, Chris Brown was attacked by seagulls Sunday while on vacation in Miami. The Daily Mail (of course) has a pretty hilarious photo essay of the whole thing. Why did this have to happen in Miami? There are so many more scenic locations for such a freaky pose to occur here in Colorado. Here are a few of them:

Chris Brown hanging out at Casa Bonita.
Chris Brown getting roughed up by Denver's roller girls.
Chris Brown about to dive into some Jack-n-Grill.
chris-brown-seagull-kyle dyer.jpg
Chris Brown going after 9NEWS personality Kyle Dyer.
chris-brown-seagull-red light.jpg
Chris Brown stares down at you from one of Denver's red-light cameras.

More Seagullgate photos on Page 2.

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Fucking hilarious, but sad that a woman-beating douchebag makes shitty music and gets so much attention.  Still, the first picture is the best!

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