Weekend's best live music bets: Overcasters, Glass Hits, T-Pain, Zola Jesus and More

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Sean Hartgrove
Overcasters celebrate the release of Curses//Prayers tonight and tomorrow night at City Hall.

TGIF! We made it to the weekend! Another fine lineup of live music in store for you in the Mile High City over the next couple days. Tonight, Overcasters play the second night of its three-night stand at City Hall. Dubbed Gathering of the Clouds, the second edition of this three-day festival marks the release of Overcasters' third album, Curses//Prayers, and to celebrate, the outfit pulled together all its favorite acts. Glass Hits and Coles Whalen also have new platters, and they're also celebrating with a pair of releases parties. And there's some choice imports in town this weekend, including T-Pain, Zola Jesus and more. Page down for this weekend's best live music bets.


As monikers go, Overcasters is a magnificent name for a rock-and-roll band, especially one as noisy, tempestuous and imposing as the outfit that Kurt Ottaway leads. It also happens to be an apt metaphor for the ominous pall that's hung over the musician's endeavors from the very beginning. Every significant event in his career has been marked by some sort of turmoil, starting with an automobile accident right around his 21st birthday in which he almost died in a car crash to forming Overcasters after severely injuring his hand when he got caught in the middle of a fight between his Chesapeake Bay retrievers. After delivering two exceptional albums, Overcasters are celebrating the release of their outstanding third record Curses//Prayers in style with the second edition of a three-day festival featuring them with all their favorite bands. Tonight is the second night of the three-night stand. (Read full Overcasters profile)

Glass Hits dives into a savage bit of noise rock that sounds like it was recorded right at the line of pegging the board. Fans of Drive Like Jehu and the VSS will appreciate the driven energy and splintery aesthetic of the music this outfit creates. Songs like "Under Arches" sound like a fragile melody shattered and welded back together at sharp angles, while the vocals in tunes like "Relocation Disposition" sound like they're coming through a fan, adding to a sense of dislocation and desperation. Equal parts feral garage rock, cathartic post-punk and amphetamine-fueled psychedelia, Glass Hits have here a raw shard of lo-fi street poetry. (Read full Glass Hits profile.)

Also Tonight:

- Zoogma with Mikey Thunder at Bluebird Theater

- Adam Bodine Trio at Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge

- ...And the Black Feathers at 3 Kings Tavern

- Best of the West Battle of the Bands with A Vast Eclipse, Desciples, Between Fate, the Microdots and Be Brave at Herman's Hideaway

- Poor Man's Whiskey performs Dark Side of the Moonshine at Oriental Theater

- Broken Tongues at Oak Tavern

- Mark Chesnutt at Grizzly Rose

- Electric Pony at Appaloosa Grill

- Euforquestra with Thunder Body (featuring Founding Members of Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad) and P-Nuckle at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

- Halden Wofford & the Hi-Beams at Skylark Lounge

- The Ingrates with the Sickly Ferguson at Loin's Lair

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How can you say the weekends best music when there is nothing here about the Iced Earth, Symphony X show on Sat the 25th.  The best metal show that's been here in a long while!

Dave Beckhouse
Dave Beckhouse

Thanks for the mention. That's actually a review of our 2010 7" above. On the new one Keith sings everything using the T-Pain app on his phone.

Hugs and KissesGlass Hits

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