Video: Chipotle's Grammy commercial with Willie Nelson doing Coldplay: What'd ya think?

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Chipotle: It's all about going back to the start.
Ah, yes, Chipotle's new commercial, its first ever, apparently. Completely forgot about this until just now, actually. Last summer, our pal Laura Shunk wrote about this little moving picture on the Cafe Society blog. She dug it. Found it "quirky, emotionally engaging" and, well, "pretty cool." Not really sure what we think about it. Just aired on the Grammys. It's a Fisher-Price Little People-evoking animation involving sustainability and a farmer guy having a crisis of crisis of conscience, and the whole thing is soundtracked by Willie Nelson doing a melancholic version of "The Scientist" by Coldplay. We get what they're going for here, but, well, it's no "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. Have you seen it? What do you think? Page down to have a look.

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The most powerful non-reality presentation I have seen on TV that I can remember.

Ian O
Ian O

The audio engineering is awful. To use auto-tune on Willie Nelson is shameful.There are two ways to use auto-tune: 1) to gently correct pitch and 2) to sound like a robot. This engineer decided to be somewhere in between these two methods and it doesn't work (0:52 to 0:57).


Sharp ears, Ian. Thanks for weighing in.

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