Chris Broderick of Megadeth: "There was definitely a metal scene in Denver back in 1988"

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Were you greeted by any of your professors or instructors at the show?

I wasn't. The University of Denver is a very traditional music school -- so they don't have an understanding when it comes to the metal side of things. I could have invited them, but if they did show up, it would have been out of courtesy, not really because they would have wanted to be there.

Megadeth has not played a show at Red Rocks since 1998. Have you nudged Dave Mustaine and said, "Hey, we should play a gig here"?

He definitely knows that it's my dream gig to play Red Rocks, and I can't wait for that day. It will be awesome to play Red Rocks.

It's every local musician's dream to play at Red Rocks, and the irony is that you have played in bigger venues than Red Rocks with Megadeth.

To me, it doesn't matter. Red Rocks has that charm, it being the iconic venue that it is.

What personal goals do you have related to Colorado and your music? Would you like to play with the Colorado Symphony, receive a key to the city or anything like that?

I don't think I have anything in particular that I would really like to do, except for playing with other local musicians and rekindling what I was doing on a local level back when I lived in Denver.

Do you mean with your former bandmates in Jag Panzer?

Not necessarily just with them, but also with members of other bands I was in, like Industrial Eden. I wouldn't be opposed to that. I talk to Mark Briody and Rikard Stjernquistall [Jag Panzer members] all the time -- they're great guys. So I would never be opposed, that's for sure!

What it was like during your formative years growing up in Denver?

Well, I barely caught a glimpse of the tail end of the metal movement. There was definitely a metal scene in Denver back in 1988, in that era. You could play warehouses, parties, or you could just rent out rooms. You could throw a party, and it was guaranteed to pack a place. It was just awesome. That was when I began to play gigs. That ended very quickly, and then it became playing empty bars [laughs].

What were some of the venues you played in town when you were just jamming?

It would be the Iliff Park Saloon and other bars of that nature. Every once in a while, we would rent out a warehouse, when they wouldn't shut it down before the gig actually occurred. It wasn't that often we would play out. We didn't play any covers of any sort. So that made it ten times harder.

You live in L.A. now. What do you miss the most about Colorado?

My friends, definitely! The people I know, all of my friends and family.

Okay, Chris, it's time for a lightning round about your favorite local haunts. Favorite venue?

Definitely Red Rocks!

Favorite local record store?

I don't know if it was my favorite, but it was the one I visited the most: Second Spin on Colorado Boulevard.

Favorite local band?

I would say Angellic Rage, from back in the day.

Favorite restaurant?

The Blue Bonnet, on Alameda and Broadway.

Favorite bar?

I really don't have one. I don't drink that much, so the bar scene was not one I was really into.

Favorite mountain recreational activity or favorite mountain town?

Snowboarding, for sure. I love all of the mountains' weather. It's Keystone, Breck or even Loveland, when it gets good snow. That's a great mountain to go hit.

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Don Joseph
Don Joseph

 This statement contradicts Mustaine's Auto.Biography! "Broderick first caught the attention of Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine while he was playing as the touring guitarist with Nevermore on the first installment of Gigantour". (From the book that is false) What I got From Dave Mustaine's Auto bio. and I read it twice!! (been a fan for 24 yrs. since 1988) was he was in the band with his brother before Gigantour was ever a tour!! And him and his brother can both play guitar and drums and can switch off and they do sometimes practicing/ writing I took it. If it's my mistake then it's the Dover Brothers, loaned out the book!! :) lmao But ROCK ON, Mustaine for president!!!, seems he's a lot less full of shit then who's on the bases now!!


Angellic Rage is one of the best metal bands ever, anywhere!


At least somebody acknowledges the mighty Jag Panzer!

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