Video: Why Nickelback is poised to take Creed down a peg

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Today marks the debut of a new weekly video rant from our resident loudmouthed rabble-rouser Jef Otte, who does his level best each week to break your heart. In the video-version of I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, monsieur Otte attempts to make a compelling case for why Nickelback is poised to knock Creed from the top spot for the title of Worst Band in the World. Kind of like peeling the wings off a fly if you ask us, but he does make some decent points. Page down to see what the old man has to say, and then feel free to fire back with a take of your own.

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It's Jenn again...
It's Jenn again...

Jesus, Otte, I friggin' love you! You said "a Voltron of suck!" And you are absolutely right. Both of these bands make me wanna get a brain enema.

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