Paris Hilton "Drunk Text" with Manufactured Superstars: "It's a hot mess of misspelled obscenities, body parts and run-on questions"

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Paris Hilton and Manufactured Superstars, drunk texting.
Manufactured Superstars stock has just risen dramatically -- or their notoriety has, anyway. In case you missed it, the Denver-bred production duo of Brad Roulier and Sean Sabo, known collectively as Manufactured Superstars, made all sorts of headlines yesterday on the interwebs for their work with Paris Hilton (?!) on a new track called "Drunk Text," which was erroneously leaked, apparently. And it appears to be about exactly what the title would suggest: Paris Hilton's drunken texts, read by Ms. Hilton herself. "It's a hot mess of misspelled obscenities, body parts and run-on questions," as she puts it. Sample: "I'll be damned if I end up in some lame diner after this with last night's lingerie in my purse."

How this unlikely (and ironic, considering Manufactured Superstars handle) collaboration came about is anybody's guess (we haven't heard back from Roulier and Sabo), but we're guessing that the pair made Ms. Hilton's acquaintance during their year-long residency at XS and Tryst at Encore Wynn Las Vegas last year, and this somehow stems from that. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, Paris Hilton and Manufactured Superstars, everybody.

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Matthew Fecher
Matthew Fecher

Oddly enough, I thought they already released that song awhile ago... After looking it up, it looks like they already released a version of that same track with Lea Luna on vox (6 months ago):

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