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No 1 Left Standing-37.jpg
Eric Gruneisen
No 1 Left Standing last night at the Fillmore Auditorium.

Before the main acts of the evening took the stage at the Fillmore, locals No 1 Left Standing started things off for an eager crowd of diehard Korn fans that had started lining up as early as 9 a.m., a queue that grew over the course of the day and stretched from the front gates of the Fillmore all the way down to 17th Avenue by the time doors opened at 6:30 p.m.

No 1 Left Standing took the stage not to long after doors just before 7:30 to a pre-recorded intro that played for a few minutes before the sextet broke into its first song. With only a twenty minutes, the band delivered a high energy set that whipped the by now almost full house into a frenzy. The already rowdy crowd was sent over the top by a tight rendition of "Bulls On Parade" by Rage Against the Machine, which stoked a swirling mosh pit in the center of the crowd, energy which would be tempered by what happened next.

No 1 Left Standing-35.jpg
Eric Gruneisen
No 1 Left Standing at the Fillmore Auditorium last night.

Just when the crowd was ready for more, Belarde deceivingly told them that they had time for one more song. "One for all the haters out there," he declared. "Who hates someone really bad?" he asked. The crowd braced themselves to be taken to yet to another level and responded with a deafening roar. Then in one of the best ploys in recent memory, he informed the crowd, "We're not going to play that song. Come to the Summit Saturday Night, and we'll play it." And with that, the house lights came on. -- EG


Personal Bias: There was a period of the show last night at which I remembered P.O.D. existed. I'm convinced this cannot be a good thing.

By the Way: During Davis's jaunts for oxygen, he passed by a substantial mass of kids sequestered backstage. Does that make them Children of the Korn?

Random Detail: In Russian, the backwards R character is a "ya." This meant that during a trip to Siberia last year, new friends frequently asked me if I am a "Koyan" fan. Two weeks in, I finally got it.


Fillmore Auditorium - 2/28/12
Denver, CO

01. "Predictable"
02. "Lies"
03. "No Place to Hide"
04. "Helmet in the Bush"
05. "Narcissistic Cannibal"
06. "Chaos Lives in Everything"
07. "My Wall"
08. "Get Up!"
09. "Way Too Far"
10. "Here To Stay"
11. "Freak On a Leash"
12. "Falling Away From Me"
13. "Another Brick in the Wall" (Pink Floyd cover)


14. "Shoots and Ladders"
15. "One"
16. "Blind"

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Fillmore Auditorium

1510 Clarkson St., Denver, CO

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I was front row center at this show. My mind was fkn blown. No 1 left standing was awesome as hell, they got everybody pumped. Kill the noise was great as always however I was sad he didn't play hey you, tis my favorite. And then there was korn. Holy shit they fkn rocked it! Absolutely amazing! At the end of the night I had been punched kicked and spit on cuz people wanted my spot in the front, but my bruises that still haven't quite faded are more than worth the awesome epic experience this show was.


Whoever wrote this is obviously from what I call the generation of no appreciation. Ya know the one that thinks britney spears and Justin beiber are talented. Korn is comprised of artists with substance, something I doubt you are familiar with. And because they HAVE survived 18 grueling years being criticized by assholes like you I suggest you show a little respect and pray you don't have make such an ass of yourself on your next prestigious pencil criticizing job. Regardless if you are a fan understand and respect their artistry. They touch lives far deeper and with a far purer heart than you will ever dream of being compared to. Anyone that draws a paycheck from insulting a major force of our culture should seriously take a deep look at their life and re-evaluate their purpose. It's a respect thing. And even if they did put on a shitty show one night I can still respect them because they have earned that. Buy after reading one of your shitty reviews I guarantee you don't deserve the same respect. You see, in case you weren't aware they are humans just like u and me. Now think about their accomplishments and compare them to yours. Then do the right thing next time and give a fair review. Jerk.


To the westword: Maybe if you fucking dumbass inbread selfs would listen to more stuff like Korn, instead of JUSTIN Bieber/ or American Idol crap, then maybe you would know what the fuck you were talking about!! Fucking Assclown's!!


Sweet photo's too bad I missed this...


Eric Gruneisen and Kelsey Whipple are fucking idiots, and this is the worst concert review I have ever read! Complete waste of 5 minutes of my life. It figures Westword would pick the 2 most incompetent dip shits to write the review. It was a great show, and the set list catered to both old and new fans - something a band that has been around for 18 years should do!

Amber Taufen
Amber Taufen

Korn covering Pink Floyd?!


Bree Davies
Bree Davies

What I want to know is, how does one cover a Skrillex song? This concept sounds amazing/horrible. 


I was at the filmore last night and Korn was fuckin awsome. To all the Korn haters FUCK YOU ALL!!!

Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford

But because "Korn has been a band eighteen motherfucking years,"

Which is exactly seventeen and one half motherfucking years too long...


I agree! I am an old fart of 53 and I first saw Korn in Chicago 1995, and in there hometown of bakerfield, CA 2000. Korn kicks ass. I would love too see them in Indianapolis soon.


Were you there? Cuz it was a more than adequate rendition. In fact it rocked. Stfu

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