Review: Lotus at the Fillmore Auditorium, 2/3/12

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Britt Chester


Freezing temperatures aside, the Fillmore was turned into a dancing sauna, brimming with melodic improvisations and thousands of moving bodies. If Lotus derived their band name from Greek origin, then we all got a taste of the sweet fruit that leaves you in a state of contented forgetfulness. Granted, no one will forget Lotus' first sold out show at the Fillmore last night, but everyone can agree that at least for a brief moment in time, euphoric harmonies played a part in that dream world.

With Lotus playing two full sets, the unified mindset seemed to extend beyond the common thought of the "three Ls" for most real estate markets: "Location, location, location...Lotus." The sound at the Fillmore last night was a bit piercing in certain spots, but a sweet spot could be found standing directly next to the sound engineer (duh?).

Opening the first set with "Spiritualize," the band displayed a chemistry that was impossible to ignore. The commencement couldn't have been more appropriate for the sold-out crowd, giving us a slow building track that set the tone for the night: Rising melodies that barely reach pinnacle before segueing into another well paired track.

The intensity of the first set reverberated through "Tip of the Tongue," where a slow spot, or maybe even a timing mix-up in the guitar chords, felt like an aimless song in search of a crescendo. You know when you see the lead guitarist taking precise steps to the forefront of the stage? That typically signals a change in the beat, and it felt that a few missteps occurred in the opening tracks. The peak, however, came with Mike Rempel absolutely slaying his six-string with an insatiable fervor.

Photo Britt Chester
Guitarist Mike Rempel

"Greet The Mind," preempted the first set's closer of "What Did I Do Wrong," and may have quenched that thirst for intense, high-energy expressions. But many surprises were still in store for the Fillmore, one being a certain cover that would, regardless of whether or not you like the original, send a ghastly shiver from your bouncing shoulders all the way down to your toe-tapping feet.

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Fillmore Auditorium

1510 Clarkson St., Denver, CO

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Brady Wisott
Brady Wisott

They skipped marisol in the encore because they were running up against curfew by the way


Thanks for your input, Brady. Didn't catch that. We copied the setlist directly from the stage.


Here's the actual setlist as played:

Lotus - Feb. 2, 2012 - Fillmore AuditoriumI. Spiritualize, Golden Ghost, Tip of the Tongue, Massif*, Spaghetti > Nematode, Greet the Mind, What Did I Do WrongII. Suitcases > Ghosts 'n Stuff > Suitcases, The Surf, Middle Road, It's All Clear to Me Now > Sunrain > Flower Sermon > SunrainE. Bush Pilot*new song, first time played

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