Megadeth at Fillmore Auditorium, 2/28/12

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Brandon Marshall
Megadeth last night at the Fillmore Auditorium. More Megadeth-in-Denver photos.


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Last night at the Fillmore, Dave Mustaine stopped the show after "Whose Life Is It Anyway," and the band left the stage. After a handful of minutes, Mustaine came back on and said, "Security guys should know better than to pound fans' faces down front." Apparently someone was roughing up the fans a bit much for his liking. After making a disparaging remark linking penis size to being a jerk, the Megadeth frontman finished his harangue by saying, "That's what you get when you shoot steroids." With that, Mustaine and company launched into a blistering rendition of "Guns, Drugs & Money."

Earlier in the set, Megadeth took the stage to drums pounding in booming cadence for several moments before the curtain dropped. Opening the set with "Trust," from Cryptic Writings, the band played in front of a wall of Marshall stacks that made for an imposing visual impression, even if it didn't seem like all of them were being used at once. Whatever the case, it didn't matter, because everything was dialed in well, and for the first song, and it was such an onslaught of sound, you didn't really notice the shortcomings of the mix.

Brandon Marshall
Megadeth last night at the Fillmore Auditorium. More Megadeth-in-Denver photos.
"Foreclosure of a Dream" inspired the crowd to sing along with Mustaine, whose vocals throughout the show veered dramatically and unpredictably between a vivid exuberance and all but turned off and crackling a little -- and it didn't look like it was Mustaine's doing, either, because he didn't exactly switch up how he approached the mike a whole lot. Maybe it was some glitch in the system or something going on with the equipment somewhere along the line, but at times it could be distracting.

But technical issues aside, Megadeth was in high form. For "Hangar 18," Mustaine switched to his Dean VMNT, and his rhythmic leads ripped just a little bit harder than the double-necked guitar he has employed for the first two songs of the set. On and off for the rest of the show, he seemed to switch mainly between the VMNT and the Dean Zero.

Brandon Marshall
Megadeth last night at Fillmore Auditorium. More Megadeth-in-Denver photos.
Everyone seemed to recognize "Sweating Bullets" immediately, and the glint in Dave's eye and a smile revealed he was having some fun with a song that he and the guys have no doubt played countless times over the years, especially David Ellefson. In the last third of the set, Mustaine dedicated a song to someone who couldn't be there (clearly referencing Motörhead), and it sounded like Megadeth covered "Bomber."

Before performing "Á Tout le Monde," Mustaine told us the band had originally written the song as a duet with a female singer, but at the time they didn't know anyone heavy enough. They have, of course, since met Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, who came on stage and matched Dave, and sometimes surpassed him, in power and charismatic vocal delivery. Her melodious vocals made for an interesting contrast with his more raw delivery.

Brandon Marshall
Chris Broderick of Megadeth at the Fillmore Auditorium last night. More Megadeth-in-Denver photos.
Megadeth saved a trio of its biggest songs for last, starting with "Symphony of Destruction." During "Peace Sells," Mustaine got the audience to sing the choruses, which it did wholeheartedly. Even Vic Rattlehead came on stage to join in on the fun. The closer, though, was an especially cutting and fiery rendition of "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due." Mustaine introduced Ellefson, then Shawn Drover, and saved "a little local flavor," Chris Broderick, for last. When the music finished ringing out, Mustaine seemed exceedingly pleased with the crowd, as evidenced by gracious gestures of gratitude throughout the performance, and he said, "You've been great! We've been Megadeth! Goodnight!"

Brandon Marshall
Chris Broderick of Megadeth last night at the Fillmore. More Megadeth-in-Denver photos.
Volbeat had the middle slot and played with a playful exuberance. More than straight metal, the band's music roamed a kind of broad range of different musical styles played with a heaviness and intensity, including when the outfit played the Dusty Springfield classic "I Only Want to Be With You." The dynamics were a kind of bouncy groove with some edgy riffing, like stoner rock through a Pantera lens. Even if you didn't like the music, the band had a really vibrant, thick sound that made them never really be boring.

Brandon Marshall
Volbeat last night at the Fillmore Auditorium. More Volbeat-in-Denver photos.
The singer called for people to do a circle pit at some point and some people did. Apparently Hank Shermann of Mercyful Fate and Demonica was enlisted to play guitar for this tour, and it sure made a difference in the notably full sound. At the end, the guys teased a bit of "Ace of Spades" and yelled "Make some noise" and then played a few passages of music from "Raining Blood." But it felt like it was done in good fun and the crowd went along with it with good spirits as well.


Personal Bias: I've been a fan of Megadeth since the late '80s.

Random Detail: Motorhead was supposed to be on this bill, but Lemmy had laryngitis and could not perform. More's the pity.

By the Way: Didn't catch Lacuna Coil's opening set.


Fillmore Auditorium - 2/28/12
Denver, CO

01. Trust
02. Foreclosure of a Dream
03. Hangar 18
04. Reckoning Day
05. Sweating Bullets
06. She Wolf
07. Poison Was the Cure
08. Public Enemy No. 1
09. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
10. Guns, Drugs &Money
11. Bomber (?)
12. Ashes In Your Mouth
13. Á Tout le Monde
14. Symphony of Destruction
15. Peace Sells
16. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due

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Fillmore Auditorium

1510 Clarkson St., Denver, CO

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Let's see, Gigantour and Megadeth are basically one and the same. One of the night's top bands were unable to perform. One would think that Megadeth would have stepped up and played a longer set in an effort to defend the quality of the Gigantour name. They were on stage for about an hour-and-twenty minutes (I'm being generous here including the 'security protest' as part of that time). It was obvious that Megadeth was trying to stretch out the length of the show given the length of silence between songs in their sets. Maybe they played for about an hour-and-five minutes. Add to that the sound quality - or lack thereof. It really wasn't a great show.

I've seen Megadeth a couple times before. Both times they played much better sets. I've seen a lot more energy as one song ripped right into the next. They played hard and entertained.

Tuesday night, notsomuch.

Hey, on a positive note, the show was over by 10:30. We were all able to beat the rush hour traffic that would clog the freeways when the Justin Beiber show let out later on!

April Sunshine420
April Sunshine420

Megadeth always kicks my ass when I c them but at Fillmores SOLDOUT SHOW fuck yeah Loved it !!!!!!! Thank You Megadeth 4 the Kickass show!!!!!!! «Love U Guys » Always A Fan @PRi£

Was cheated by 1 of our own
Was cheated by 1 of our own

1st off the sound mixing was crap. 90% the vocals where drowned out. If your where ok with being cheated fine but venue would not give our money back and scalping tickets is illigal. Would you be ok with buying a car and then be told you don't get the motor. With math like yours you should join The Occupy movement.


killer show.  saw dud in pit swinging like crazy at tons of people security wasnt bad at all.  dave wants security or wants to get shot. never know who is comin over that rail.  catch 22.  also if you were a motorhead fan should have sold yur ticks to one of the megadeth fans out front.  people were paying gladly for this one. 


Hell ya the nite wuz totally awsome... My homegurl and i drove 6hrs.. To check this gig out... It was fukn worth it... Hell yeahhh...

Piss off in Denver
Piss off in Denver

Band's where great... That said, this is to the "tour management". Sosince we only got "3/4 of Gigantour" as Dave said, where is a 1/4 of our money back (fyi MOTÖRHEAD is worth more than 1/4 of the show). Next time MANAGEMENT RESCHEDULE THE SHOW and quit being con artists. When your one of your FEATUREDperformers is down you don't have a show, this would have been a different story it Dave was down but apparently the greedy management care very little about fans. Thanks for a half a show.


I was at the concert last night (great concert btw!) and noticed too that the security pukes have gotten all their training from the Denver Police Department.

Clowns all around!!!


Wow,  Justin Beiber  rocked longer than Gigantour .... WTF


 the venue was definitely giving refeunds.  we got our tix from the box office after waiting for someone to refund their itX!  but really you could have sold them for $100 outside.  scalping isn't illegal in colorado / denver fyi.  just not on the venue property.

secondly your ANALogy of a car without a "motor" leads me to believe you should join the small bus to school movement.   a car doesnt run, start, heat up, hummm, without a motor.   last night was more like the all star clean up man in the line-up wasn't playing that day, but the fans, the gear, the brews, the players were all there to rock.  and they did.

maybe after 3 cancelled motorhead shows in these parts in a row, you'll stop buying f'n tickets to see these opening acts.

Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford

 More like a quarter of a show, as Megadeth hasn't been worth listening to ever since Mustaine went Full Retard Wingnut.


Get over yourself. Security doesn't bother anyone who isn't bothering others.

LMAO at Sly
LMAO at Sly

Not sure how "the gear, the brews" rock, I guess your usedto talking to inanimate objects. And the Venue would NOT refundthe Tickets. Your second hand wit is amusing and its sad yourstandards are so low (your spelling is a BIG hint of that) that yousee no issue with being taken by corrupt management. Not sure aboutthe “3 cancelled Motorhead shows in these parts in a row” I'llhave to take your word on that. Dave Mustaine himself said “Welcometo 3/4 of Gigantour”. Thefirst thing I said was “Band's where great...” however if youlike to be bent over and screwed like what happened last night wellthat's your right. I personally don't stand for that kind ofmistreatment. Please raise your level of reading comprehension anduse spellchecker before you send another post that just makes you seem frankly sad and delusional.

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