Super Bowl commercials: Elton John, Flavor Flav, Echo and the Bunnymen and more

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So we all know that half the fun of watching the Super Bowl is seeing all the commercials. If you missed them for whatever reason -- your loud mouth buddy was yapping about this that or whatever, or maybe you had to work -- we've compiled all of the music related ads for you in one place to check out at your leisure. That way you won't feel like the hapless Captain of Pop Culture Oblivion tomorrow morning when everybody's talking about them. Our favorite of the bunch: The Galaxy Note ad featuring the Darkness. Page down to have a look, and then let us know which ones you dug.

Hyundai - All for One
Featuring "Gonna Fly Now" (Rocky theme song)

Audi - Vampire Party
Featuring "Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen

Pepsi - King's Court
Featuring Elton John, X Factor's Melanie Amaro and Flavor Flav

Chevy Silverado - Apocalypse Proof
Featuring Barry Manilow "Looks Like We Made It"

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Ohj wow, Elton John is totaly amazing dude. Wow.Total-Privacy dot US

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