Photos: Big Bad Bill Murray is apparently a big fan of Big Head Todd and the Monsters

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Big Head Todd with Big Bad Bill and the shirt he rocked in Austin, in Charleston, South Carolina, a few weeks ago.
So, speaking of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, whose namesake frontman, as we told you about yesterday, is selling his Washington Park bungalow, do you know who's all sorts of sweet on the band? Bill Murray. Yes, that Bill Murray. Well, that's what we've deduced anyway. Either that, or the actor didn't have any clean laundry when he was cruising Austin a few weeks ago.

Taking a cue from, the HuffPost set up their own Bill Murray watch at SXSW, and captured a couple shots of Murray rocking Big Head T-shirts. Evidently, he had caught the band at the Music Farm in Charleston, South Carolina, just before heading to Austin. Page down to see Big Bad Bill rocking the Todd at SX.


Katla McGlynn

James Cleare/Spring Standards

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