Pictureplane bidding farewell to Denver

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Tom Murphy
Don't miss Pictureplane's going-away show on April 24 at Rhino.
It was bound to happen. Travis Egedy is leaving Denver. When Egedy moved here in 2003 to go to art school, his one-man experimental music project, Pictureplane, was just getting off the ground. For a handful of years, he mostly played to his immediate group of friends, often at DIY space Rhinoceropolis, a place Egedy called home for a few years. Around 2008, Pictureplane caught the attention of bands touring through Denver who shared the bill with Egedy when he was the local act at Rhino to close out the night.

This meant that bands like HEALTH and Future Islands were able to witness the way Egedy deftly blended experimental electronic music with more dance-oriented fare. Egedy ended up on tour with HEALTH in Europe, where his music caught on, and his subsequent signing to Lovepump United gave his music international distribution.

The whirlwind of activity and opportunity eventually made Egedy realize he needed to pursue his fortunes beyond Denver, so with that in mind, he'll soon be moving to New York City. "I just have a lot of friends in New York City, and I know a lot of people that are doing cutting-edge cultural activities," he says. " I feel like it's sort of been my second home the past few years, I go there so much."

In moving to New York, Egedy is aware it won't be quite like what he had here, and it won't be the same DIY context. "It's like family here, you know," he points out. "So I'm going to miss everything about that."

Egedy will have one last local show on Tuesday, April 24, at Rhinoceropolis, with Alphabets and other friends, giving him a chance to bid Denver a fond and proper farewell until he comes back through here on tour from elsewhere.

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That's a big loss.  The music scene is really going to miss his energy and dedication.  Hopefully there is some new blood ready to fill the void...


Cheers to Travis for taking a different path to success and moving on to see where it goes, he inspired a lot of people here in Denver and will continue to do so in the much greater world out there.  He'll always be remembered and revered here, and I'm sure he'll be back to throw down plenty of times down the road with us.

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