SXSW travelogue: Morning Clouds do laundry and play college flophouse

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courtesy of the Morning Clouds
Good Morning, Austin.

Thursday, March 15: Thousands of bands were packed into stages around town, fans were going nuts on every street corner. How'd the Morning Clouds spend their off day? Doing laundry. We're pretty rock like that. With piles of clean undies and non-smelly socks back in our room, we managed to catch a glimpse of some pretty cool bands: Deerhoof, Finn Riggins, Japandroids, Lucero, Of Montreal. That last group, as expected, brought out some of the best fans at the festival: Dudes in dresses like it's a 1994 James concert, young girls with war paint on their faces and all manner of substance abuses. What a great way to recharge your batteries.

Yep. Pretty sure this is a fire hazard.
Friday, March 16: What a difference a day makes. Friday was our first of two two-a-days at the festival. Our day opened at Townhouse Mixology, a place where you can get bartenders to make you a drink by mashing cucumbers, jalapeños, raisins or other vegetables in a pestle, provided you want to wait in line twenty minutes. We didn't, so had to take the stage dry, saving fancy drinks for after the show. The highlight wasn't the frou-frou drinks, though, but a rap freestyle battle that busted out on the street outside of the club. It drew way more listeners than we did.

The night's show was totally off the hook. It was held on the University of Texas campus at co-op apartment complex ran by students for students. It was as ghetto as it sounds: pans caught water dripping from leaks in the roof, the common area smelled bad, even by college flophouse standards and the whole place seemed like it was pulled straight out of Soviet Russia. In short, it was the perfect place to rock out. Adding to the awesome factor, the place was overflowing with students, drunk on house-party all you can drink beer. We set up close to the pool, and rose to the occasion, playing one of the tour's best sets yet, even overcoming a power outage caused when someone kicked out one of the fire-hazard power strips that fed us power.

We stuck around for a while, enjoying the college mayhem that surrounded us. Skinny dippers. Hipsters. Burned-our creepers that float around the edge of every college gathering. Good times, indeed.

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