Wear The Party lights up this weekend's SnowBall Music Festival with its T-shirt

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A few assumptions come to mind when thinking of engineer students: They love to study, hate to party and they speak in words, which to an untrained ear, can sound like gibberish. But that doesn't seem to be the case with CU engineering student tapped to design the official T-shirts for this weekend's SnowBall Music Festival.

Alex Pasternack, 23, and his business partner CU economics major Sean Hall, 22, wear the party -- literally; they are founders of the T-shirt company Wear The Party. But it's not your typical shirt: The shirts are better referred to as "interactive apparel," and they are specifically tailored to dress electronic music fans. "We have a unique ink that when printed on clothing, allows you to creatively express your energy through light on your clothing," says Hall.

The ink is light reactive and each Wear The Party shirt comes with an LED or laser used to draw on the shirts. "In the dark you can charge the shirt with a laser and the shirt then holds the energy from the charged light," Pasternack says. "You can use the LED or laser to draw whatever you want on the shirt. It stays there for a few minutes in glowing light, then fades away."

The result: A glow-in-the-dark shirt you can draw on with a laser.

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The boys developed the first shirt and debuted it at a Pantyraid concert over a year ago. "We were at the Boulder Theater and our whole crew was wearing the shirts," Pasternack recalls. "We started drawing on each other from across the venue and people couldn't believe what they were seeing. We knew it was going to be a hit."

The shirts caught so much attention they decided to create a business out of it, and officially coined the term Wear The Party.

At first, the company was too small to collaborate with large music festivals like Ultra and Snowball, so they were vending the shirts at the festivals from their own booths. But then, Summer Camp Music Festival picked up Wear The Party as the festival's official T-shirt in 2011. And this weekend, the shirts will head to Vail Valley as one of the official shirts for SnowBall Music Festival. Official festival shirts are sold in general stores, rather than booths.

Page down to see the design for Snowball.

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