Watch: Air Dubai in the studio recording "Love In Retrograde" with a string quartet

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Okay, can we all just agree here that everything sounds better with an orchestra? And we mean everything. Pretty sure you'd get no argument from those who caught Trey Anastasio at Boettcher recently, or those who saw Death Cab for Cutie at Ellie Caulkins last week. Air Dubai, who already sounded pretty in the first place, sounds even better on this new version of "Love In Retrograde," which features a full string quartet, a trio of percussionists and two additional vocalists.

The cut, which appears in a different form on Wonder Age, the band's 2010 album, was recently re-recorded for drummer Johannes Spreigl's senior class project. Page down to see/hear the lovely results, and then be sure to catch Air Dubai tonight at the Fox Theatre in Boulder with Beats Noir. First fifty people through the door get a free screen print of the poster below from SoGnar.


Page down to see the full screen print from SoGnar

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